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Here you will learn about how we started and here you can listen to podcasts, audio books and other recordings. (mp3 version)


Audio Recordings

This recording is one in a series of poems written by our friend and colleague Ensa Pitocco which links with some of the work of Steven Warren.

The Power Of Caring If You Cry

All You Meant To Me

I Dream of Heaven

What Is Time?

To read these poems please visit the page dedicated to 'Especially For You' by following this link.


Steven Warren

The Power of Caring Soulful Living

The malady of the 21st century is loss of soul so here I explore a philosophy of soulful living without striving for perfection. A life of fulfilling work, rewarding relationships and personal power.

The Story of the Soul

In 2005 I wrote this and then shared with a select group of people all of whom embraced the core idea expressed by me at every level in their day-to-day lives.

I have now recorded this written material to provide a foundation for this and our parallel life expressions so that we clearly understand why we created this, our life.

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Video Recordings

Don Factor & The Oasis of Hope Hospital

Filmed in 2007 Don, former patient at The Oasis of Hope Hospital says 'although I will probably never know if any one part of my experience was the actual key to recovery, I am convinced that it was most likely all of it - everything, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Giving and Sharing

True Move recording. Please provide links if you know where this original film came from given that it was shared openly on Facebook. Thank you.

The Way of the Dream

A selection of video's to share on the nature of our unconscious mind. There is also an amazing video included by Charlie Chaplin.





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